SpaBoss Defoamer 500 ml

Concentrated liquid used to reduce and eliminate foam from spa water.

SpaBoss Defoamer 500 ml eliminates and helps to preventing foaming in the hot tub For normal spa use add just a few drops as necessary. Excessive foaming (heavy foaming the day after) means that the water is "old" & needs to be changed. A small squirt when foaming appears is all that is needed. Defoamer should be used in moderation and can be used while you are in the hot tub.

Size: 500ml

SpaBoss Defoamer is comparable to:

  • Arctic Pure Foam Dissolve
  • BeachComber Foam Free
  • Dazzle Defoamer
  • Leisure Time Foam Down
  • Rendezvous Foam Out
  • Spa Essentials Defoamer
  • Spa Gaurd AntiFoam

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